Wanteed Fair the t-shirt show. t-shird Design show. Held in Ibiza, Spain - from July 13th 2013 through August 18th 2013. Scroll down or use the menu to navigate.

Consecrate t-shirt as a means of communication and artistic expression in the history of modern thought through a market-exhibition that celebrates the myth of the international crew neck short sleeves launched by Marlon Brando and, at the same time, captures the latest trends of t-shirt’s market putting the spotlight on the new circuit design and distribution. This is the goal of Wanteed, first exhibition dedicated entirely to the world of t-shirts, which mixes creativity, fashion, design and business. Wanteed explores the universe of t-shirt, a symbol of urban culture that chooses to wear it in any kind of occasion and which has elected as irreplaceable communication platform declined in the service of artists, political movements, fashion guru and free thinkers, in a winning mix of marketing and creativity. All are expressed through a t-shirt. She is the garment most democratic in the world, on display at last Wanteed!

Wanteed brings together in one location productions signed by the big brands of clothing and creations of young independent brands, to explore the most original grafts and photographing the culture of the "Tee". A culture that mixes fashion, art, music, graphics, politics and even solidarity. By embracing in its exhibition space a selection of the most innovative creative reality of the industry, is offered to the public as the most comprehensive trade show of t-shirts, while il builds an unprecedented platform for marketing and communication for companies, brands and young independent designers. Wanteed is the first international event to catalyze all sorts of production dedicated to the shirt.

The Wanteed preview will be set up in a location close to the nightlife of Ibiza, in an area of the island which is a crossroads of trends and youth culture. On the waterfront of San Antonio, close to the picturesque lighthouse Carrer de Alemanya, Wanteed is located on the way to the famous Café del Mar, a must for anyone visiting the "isla". Anyone staying in Ibiza from 14 July to 18 August should not miss Wanteed. An exhibition area of 160sqm where the t-shirt will be in contact with the avant-garde art and music, with the most current trends, in a setting of quality entertainment built with events that combine social occasion, the business and creativity.

Since the preview in Ibiza in the Bloop Festival 2013, where they expect about 200,000 visitors, Wanteed offers the possibility of combining a brand to the event by ensuring its presence on all communication material, the exhibition space and during related events (parties and performances). The exhibition "on site" is made in a context designed specifically to be attractive both to professionals and the general public in transit in Ibiza, capitalizing on the cultural, innovative and cross event dedicated to art and contemporary culture now in its third edition.


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Visit Wanteed from July 14th through August 18th in Ibiza. Bloop Festival / Carrer Alemanya / Sant Antoni de Portmany

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